ScottishPower are looking at developing Cruachan 2 which would be an extension to our existing pumped storage facility on the northern shores of Loch Awe in Argyll. This development has the potential to increase the capacity of the existing station using existing infrastructure.


We have completed a feasibility study to determine whether it is possible to expand the station. The findings show that it would be possible to develop between 400-600 MW additional capacity, with investment of between £300 million to £400 million. The study shows that a new cavern would need to be excavated within Ben Cruachan, and the possibility that a new dam could be constructed to increase the capacity of the upper reservoir. We are now considering options following the completion of this study.

Scotland’s National Planning Framework 3 has identified new and expanded pumped storage facilities, including Cruachan, as strategically important, potential national developments with the details reflected in the NPF3 Action Plan.

We have also sought to have the expansion of power generation activities at Cruachan to be reflected in the new Local Development Plan for Argyll & Bute, which is currently being prepared.


Pumped Storage Hydro (PSH) is one of the most cost-effective options for large-scale energy storage. With the ability to respond almost instantaneously and to run for a significant time, pumped storage is an important component of the electricity network for the UK which has a growing need for electricity system flexibility, especially with higher volumes of intermittent wind generation.