ScottishPower proposes to construct and operate a new Power Station - Damhead Creek 2.


In January 2011, ScottishPower secured consent under Section 36 of the Electricity Act 1989 and a Direction under Section 90 of the Town & Country Planning Act 1990 from the Secretary of State for Energy and Climate Change to construct and operate a Combined Cycle Gas Turbine generating station (CCGT) at Damhead Creek, Hoo Peninsula, Rochester, Kent. This development known as Damhead Creek 2 (DHC2) will constitute Phase 2 of the Damhead Creek Power Generation development and will be located on land immediately adjacent to the existing operational Damhead Creek CCGT Power Station.

Since the issuing of this consent, ScottishPower has been in discussion with Original Equipment Manufacturers, (OEMs) regarding the project and it has emerged that as a result of technological advances and increased efficiency, it is possible to increase the generated output. ScottishPower therefore secured consent from the Department of Energy and Climate Change in 2015 under Section 36C of the Electricity Act 1989 to vary the consent in order to increase the generating capacity to 1800MW.


In 2016 ScottishPower sought to further vary the consent by way of a further application to the Department of Energy and Climate Change to allow flexibility in the make-up of the plant to include up to 300 MW of Open Cycle Gas Turbine peaking plant (OCGT). The proposed development therefore now comprises a CCGT/OCGT power station with a total combined electrical capacity of up to 1,800MW. This application to vary the consent retains the option of constructing the 1,800MW CCGT-only scheme option but also includes provision of up to 300MW as part of that capacity as OCGT units, with the CCGT capacity correspondingly reduced, such that the combined output remains at 1,800MW.

An Environmental Information Report was prepared which describes the main respects in which ScottishPower considers that the likely effects of this Variation would differ from those described in Reports submitted in connection with the previous Section 36 Consents.

Overall, the application to maintain the power output of DHC2 at 1,800MW but providing for up to 300MW of OCGT units was not predicted to result in any significant change to those environmental impacts which were presented in previous Reports, and this resulted in a further consent being issued by Secretary of State for Energy and Climate Change in July 2016.

Since the S36 consent and deemed planning permission was first issued for Damhead Creek 2, ScottishPower have been undertaking works at the site in preparation for construction, and to date we have discharged all the necessary pre-construction conditions including operational noise, transport management, ground investigation, water efficiency and biodiversity.

ScottishPower also have a Connection Agreement with National Grid, allowing the export of electricity to the National Transmission System. Further details with regard to the construction programme for DHC2 will be provided in due course.