The Daldowie Fuel Plant, commissioned in 2002 and operated by ScottishPower subsidiary SMW Ltd, is one of the largest sludge drying centres in Europe.

It processes sludge from hundreds of wastewater treatment plants in the West of Scotland into processed sludge pellets (PSP).  The dry, low-odour pellets produced at Daldowie are a type of biomass - biological material that is deemed to be a sustainable form of fuel. A thousand tonnes of sludge can produce 23.5 tonnes of pellets. A further environmental advantage is that the processes employed at Daldowie also provide a safe and practical route to the disposal of large volumes of sludge, instead of having to commit the waste to landfill or spread it on farmland.

Every year SMW Ltd turns more than 2.3 million cubic metres of liquid sludge into 50,000 tonnes of PSP, which is primarily burned in cement kilns.

Daldowie Fuel Plant is required to meet strict regulations on the emissions of gases and odours, as set out in a Pollution Prevention and Control permit granted and enforced by the Scottish Environment Protection Agency (SEPA).